You have made the decision to expand your family through adoption, but you do not know where to begin. Should you adopt through an agency or the foster care system? Will you be adopting a non-U.S. citizen? Are you a same-sex couple looking to adopt? We can help inform you of your options and help you evaluate which options work best for your situation.

What is Adoption?

Adoption refers to the legal process of a child or adult permanently becoming part of a family, other than that of the child’s biological parents. The child’s new family becomes responsible for providing the child with care, shelter, education, and other parental responsibilities. The adoptive parents are required to care for the adopted child as if the child were a child naturally born to them.

The adopted child’s birth parents give up their parental rights over the child and have no obligations to provide the child with any care or to assist the child financially.

General Adoption Law in Florida

An adoption creates a legal parent-child relationship between the adoptive parents and the child they are adopting. The relationship is equivalent to the relationship that exists between biological parents and their biological children.

A successful adoption is a special moment for everyone involved, but couples considering adoption should be aware that some adoptions could become complicated. It is important for couples or individuals looking to adopt become informed on adoption laws in their state, because these laws vary. Florida adoption law balances the interests of all parties involved—including the biological parents of the child.

There are four different types of adoptions, each with their own procedures: entity adoption (adoption through an agency), stepparent adoption, close relative adoption and adult adoption.

Our team can offer you support, help you better understand adoption procedures in Florida, and help you make the best decision for you and your new child.  The process can also understandably be overwhelming, emotional, and complicated in many situations. However, working with an experienced Florida family law attorney can make the process much easier for everyone involved. The attorneys at The Florida Probate and Family Law Firm understand your situation, and we will use our extensive experience to secure the most favorable solution in your case. We pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs and goals, and then use our knowledge, skill, and resources to work towards a desirable outcome. Contact us today to discuss your situation, get your questions answered, and find out how we can help with your adoption today!

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