For many people, the end of a marriage is the beginning of a new and fresh stage in their life. While divorce can be stressful, the process does not always have to be a battle. A qualified family attorney can assist with the dissolution of the marriage while avoiding unnecessary conflicts or disputes.

If your marriage is coming to an end, now is the time to seek out legal counsel. A Pinecrest divorce lawyer can offer their knowledge of the law and help you make the best decisions during this important time.

Grounds for Divorce in Pinecrest

Florida law lays out certain requirements for becoming married and there are also legal guidelines for getting a divorce. An attorney can work with a spouse in Pinecrest to prepare them for all topics related to their upcoming divorce.

Before a couple can divorce, they must establish sufficient grounds for doing so. The grounds for divorce refer to the reason(s) that the marriage has failed. Historically, many states required some kind of evidence that one party was at fault for a marriage falling apart. That is not the case in Florida.

State law recognizes “no-fault” grounds for divorce. That means it is not necessary for divorcing spouses to fight over who caused the relationship to break down. In order to dissolve a marriage, it is only necessary for a spouse to make the case that the marriage is broken and beyond the point of repair. Unlike in other states, it is not necessary for spouses to allege infidelity or other reasons for the breakup of the marriage.

Common Disputes in Divorce Cases

Not every divorce plays out in the same way. Every marriage is different, with conflicts and special circumstances that are unique to the two people involved. With that said, there are several common disputes that many spouses deal with while they are making their separation official. A Pinecrest divorce attorney can guide someone through resolving each of these issues.

Division of Marital Property

Every divorce involves the division of marital property, although there are many marriages that have very little marital property to divide. Often, spouses that do not own real estate or a business will not have much to divide. In other marriages, there could be significant assets owned by the couple during their union that must be divided. The court determines how these assets should be divvied up between spouses but a divorce lawyer in Pinecrest can advocate for one spouse so that it is divided equitably.

Child Custody and Support

Any time that married couples have minor children together, the court is required to weigh in on the question of child custody and support. Even if the parents agree on a parenting schedule, the court has the final say. It is up to the Judge to award child support or custody based on the best interest of the child.

Spousal Support

There are times when the court determines that one spouse requires financial assistance from the other. This type of spousal support – often called alimony – could begin during the divorce proceedings and last for years after the divorce is finalized. Determining alimony can create tension, as divorcing spouses often have very different views on what is considered reasonable. A lawyer can make clear arguments for why more or less alimony is required in this situation.

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