FLPFL’s 4th Anniversary! 🎉

Where has the time GONE? Help us celebrate our 4th year anniversary!

We would like to thank you all for your endless support and for being a part of the FLPFLaw Family! ♥️ Here are some amazing milestones in the past year:

In 2021, the FLPFL Firm had the honor of hosting Judge Hirsch’s reelection fundraiser. It was one of the first in-person events held after the pandemic and allowed Samah and the team to reconnect with other attorneys and friends from the community.

Samah was invited to be a guest speaker on multiple social media platforms including a Live Instagram video with PaliRoots to discuss the Taboo Topics of Prenups and on Lawyer Stories’ YouTube channel. Samah continues to provide free resources and education to her followers through FLPFLaw’s social media.

To end the year, we had an amazing Holiday dinner with the team and got to exchange “Secret Holiday” gifts, enjoy a delicious meal and of course share some laughs and play an intense game of White Elephant.

2022: What a Year

In 2022, Samah traveled to Amsterdam to attend the Aspen Institute’s Civil Society Fellowship retreat where they visited places like @Netflixnl, Anne Frank’s house, and The Hague.

The FLPFL Firm grew not only as a team but also in locations; we are now located in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale.

The following members joined the team:

  • Yudislaidys Mallol -Associate Attorney
  • Haytham Abukahdeir- Director of Operations
  • Esther Esnaola- Paralegal
  • Katheryne Lorenzana- Paralegal
  • Carlos Rodriguez- Paralegal
  • Liliana Orozco- Client Engagement Specialist
  • Scarleth Hernandez- Client Relations Specialist
  • Allan Moncada- Client Relations Specialist

Samah and Krizia were featured on the docuseries “Fight or Flight” on Discovery Plus, which aired on May 26th and allowed us to show our hard work and dedication in helping a domestic violence client in South Florida.

On a more personal note, Samah got married in June to the love of her life at a beautiful reception in Orlando! It was as magical as you could imagine.

To end Summer 2022, the FLPFL team took their first international firm retreat. The team got to escape to the beautiful island of Antigua. It was a week full of team bonding activities (even though some of us got a bit seasick on the catamaran), we enjoyed the best local shawarmas and a beautiful sunset at Shirley Heights. We can all agree that this trip was one for the books and are looking forward to our next retreat!

A few other notable moments in the last year included:

  • Samah moderated Miami Law Con with the Miami Dade Bar Association where Judge Cueto, Judge Soto, Liz Hughes, and Sam discussed Probate Pet Peeves: What Not to Do in The Probate Division.
  • Samah & Brenda recorded videos for the non-profit organization, Lawyers for Children America to educate children aging out of the system which will be posted on their website as well as the court’s website soon.
  • We were able to help 5 families with school supplies by donating money to their back-to-school budget.
  • Our Probate Paralegal, Barbara Vega graduated from FIU Law School with her LLM and we are so PROUD!
  • Samah traveled to numerous conferences to help grow as an entrepreneur. The locations included: Austin, Amsterdam, Orlando, New Orleans, Curacao, Dallas, Chicago, Aspen, Nashville, and Seattle!!!
  • Samah started her 5th year of teaching at Florida International University Honors College.
  • We launched our new and improved FLPFL website!

We can’t wait for what’s to come and couldn’t thank you all enough for being with us on this journey.