Crafting your estate planning documents enables you to provide for your loved ones after you pass away. These documents can also give someone authority to act on your behalf if you become ill or incapacitated and cannot make decisions on your own. There are do-it-yourself estate planning tools available, but these often do not adequately protect your assets or consider the entire picture.

A Little Gables estate planning lawyer takes the time to get to know you, your wishes, and your assets. Our highly respected law firm has special training in creating a comprehensive estate plan for a wide range of situations. We can work with you to put together a plan that makes sense and accomplishes your goals.

What Is Covered in Estate Planning Documents?

Estate planning documents describe what someone wants to happen to their property when they pass away or become incapacitated. For example, a last will and testament tells the probate court who is to inherit someone’s property and who distributes inheritances.

Effective documents will consider the person’s short-term and long-term goals. For example, if they want to set aside money for their grandchildren, they can put their assets in a trust. This might align with their goal of leaving a legacy behind while also controlling access to the assets in the short-term.

An estate planning lawyer in Little Gables has a firm grasp of Florida law and can tailor a plan that fits someone’s situation.

What Are Some Common Estate Planning Documents?

The law allows people to handle their affairs using wills, powers of attorney, trusts, and other estate planning documents. Wills take effect after someone passes away and generally cover broad assets. In contrast, powers of attorney and even some types of trusts can go into effect while the person is still alive.

For example, if someone has a major upcoming surgery, they might sign a power of attorney for healthcare and property that allows the testator to make decisions for them if they become incapacitated. Doing so can give the testator and their family peace of mind in knowing a plan is in place if something goes wrong. An estate planning attorney empowers the individual to use legal tools that help provide clarity and guidance to those who will distribute and inherit their estate.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An attorney can answer essential questions that people may have and provide general and specific guidance to those looking to create a legacy plan. For example, they can review someone’s financial records, consolidate all relevant information, and recommend a strategy to achieve their goals.

An estate planning lawyer also helps people make changes to an existing plan that needs updating. For example, someone may have bought a house and wants to add it to their will. Or they went through a divorce and no longer want their ex-spouse to inherit their property.

Estate planning attorneys are vital resources for those who want to take action and prepare for the future. They can use their legal knowledge to help people reduce probate costs, file a will with the probate court, and address inheritance disputes. Attorneys can also communicate with third parties on behalf of their clients and assist in transferring assets into a trust.

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