Family law attorneys assist people with significant personal issues, often involving private and emotional topics. A family attorney offers help and knowledge in the legal matter you are going through.

If you have a change in your family status and need representation or advice, call a South Miami family lawyer. They will listen to your story, help you set your goals, and work diligently to help you achieve them.

Representation in Divorces

When couples decide to end their marriages, there are multiple issues to settle before they can legally divorce. Divorcing is quicker and less expensive if the couple can agree on property division, alimony, child custody, and support issues. When spouses can work together, they retain more control of their post-divorce life than they would if a Judge made the decisions for them.

Unfortunately, many couples cannot reach agreements on certain subjects and litigation is necessary. A South Miami family law attorney represents clients in matters such as:

The legal professional will continuously negotiate with the other side to reach a settlement throughout the divorce process. However, should a divorce trial be necessary, they will vigorously represent a spouse’s position to reach the desired outcome.

Legal Help for Non-Traditional Families

Same-sex couples, unmarried couples, and single parents have unique needs when searching for the right family attorney. A family lawyer can provide helpful advice and representation in South Miami.

Although the same laws govern same-sex divorce as heterosexual divorce, some wrinkles could arise in same-sex divorce. The most obvious is that same-sex marriage has been legal in Florida only since 2015, and marriage length is a factor that Judges consider when making decisions regarding alimony and property division. If a same-sex couple was together for a significant period before marriage, a legal representative must persuade a Judge to consider the length of the relationship and not just the length of the marriage.

Child custody can also be complicated for non-traditional couples. Unmarried fathers have no parental rights unless they legally acknowledge or establish paternity. Similarly, step-parents do not have rights to their partner’s child unless they formally adopt the child. Consulting a local family law practitioner can help a parent understand their legal position and take steps to change it, if necessary.

The Purpose of Written Agreements in Family Law

Much of a family law practice involves helping families develop written agreements that will guide their conduct if a specific event occurs. When the process is handled properly, these documents are legally enforceable and can eliminate considerable stress and time.

Most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, which is an excellent idea for most couples, as it will allow them to define what property they consider personal and what property will be subject to equitable division as marital property. Couples with significant assets, children from prior relationships, or who own businesses or professional practices should not hesitate to craft one of these agreements before marrying. However, modifications to contracts made after a divorce has already occurred are possible if there was a significant change in circumstances that requires looking at the relationship again.

A South Miami attorney can consult with a couple, explain the applicable law, and draft an agreement that accurately reflects their wishes and follows the legal requirements. Our legal professionals also help with postnuptial agreements, separation agreements, and divorce settlement agreements.

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Family law can be complicated and dependent on specific facts. Trying to manage these matters on your own without legal advice is unwise and could lead to unintended consequences.

If you need advice or assistance on a matter concerning marriage, divorce, child custody or support, or any other domestic issue, trust a South Miami family lawyer to manage your case with respect and compassion. Learn more by calling us today for a free consultation.