Marriage and parenthood are legal relationships, not just emotional or biological connections. Many of the most personal decisions in your life have legal consequences or require official approval.

If you are going through significant life changes, it is a good idea to consult an attorney to find out how this change will have a legal impact on you and your family. Whatever legal issues you face, a Little Gables family lawyer can provide compassionate guidance, advice, and support.

Issues Around Marriage and Divorce

A Little Gables family law attorney can work with people who are considering marriage and divorce, negotiating with the other partner’s legal representative to resolve disputes. In many cases, the couple could achieve excellent results working with a mediator to reach an agreement on difficult issues.

In some divorce cases, a court will schedule a hearing or trial, and a Judge will decide highly personal issues. An attorney has the skills and knowledge to provide representation in court.

Marital Agreements

When people decide to get married, they tend to believe that the practical matters will work themselves out. That is true sometimes, but often it is not. Most couples would benefit from being forward-thinking and having serious discussions about financial matters before tying the knot. A premarital agreement (prenup) lays out the couple’s expectations about managing their finances and dividing their property if they decide to divorce. Each partner must have their own attorney review the agreement so that a spouse cannot challenge it later.

Another type of marital agreement that a family lawyer can advise on is the postnuptial agreement (postnup). This is similar to the prenup except that it is made after the marriage becomes official.

Property Division

Florida Statute § 61.075 requires couples to divide their property fairly, not equally. The couple has more control over the timing and outcome if they develop an agreement by themselves or with a mediator’s help. A family attorney in Little Gables can confirm that the agreement meets legal requirements and submit it to the court, which will then include it in the final divorce decree.


Spouses often seek alimony after they split up, especially if the marriage lasted for many years or one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other. Florida courts have a lot of power to determine whether to award alimony, how much it should be, and how long it will last. Again, spouses can keep control of this personal matter by working with a lawyer to make an alimony agreement, and submitting it to the court rather than allowing the court to decide.

Divorce and Children

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is the impact it has on children. Parents must determine where the children will live, how much time they will spend with the other parent, and how much child support is necessary to preserve the children’s standard of living.

Parents can manage negotiations around custody, visitation, and child support issues by always striving to accomplish the outcome that best supports the children. Courts favor joint custody in most cases, so parents are wise to begin working together for the children’s benefit during the divorce process.

Family Law Issues Regarding Children

Family issues other than marriage or divorce sometimes require the services of a legal professional. Helping a parent establish or disprove a child’s paternity is one example. Unmarried fathers must legally acknowledge their children in order to have full parental rights. An unmarried mother must establish legal paternity if she wants child support from the child’s father.

A family lawyer can also assist individuals and couples in Little Gables who wish to adopt children. Navigating the application and approval procedures can be time-consuming and demand significant paperwork. Having a capable advisor with experience in adoption can ease the strain.

Sometimes, child protective services get involved due to suspected or reported abuse or neglect. Parents need representation in these cases to protect their rights and ensure they have a fair opportunity to clarify or deny any findings that the children were mistreated.

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If you are making a decision that will affect your family, the chances are strong that it has legal implications. You can avoid unintended consequences by consulting a Little Gables family lawyer before making any major changes. These matters can be complex, so do not hesitate to reach out for help. We offer free consultations, so call The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm for assistance today.