There are many reasons to seek guidance from an experienced law firm if you have a domestic dispute or legal concern. Any dispute related to family members or others residing in the household could be best resolved with the help of legal counsel. Handling these cases on your own could lead to a poor result, especially if another party has help from their own lawyer.

If you need to be involved in the family court system, it is advisable to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. The sooner you speak to a Pembroke Pines family lawyer about your legal needs, the more likely it is that we can find a fair resolution. Our team offers numerous services to people who require help with their domestic situation.

Helping with Divorce

Divorce—commonly referred to as dissolution of a marriage—is often the focus of a Pembroke Pines family attorney. When the relationship between two spouses is beyond repair, it is common for couples to seek a formal end to the marriage. Even when the two sides agree to go their separate ways, there is still much to work out from a legal standpoint. There are many disputes that can arise during the course of a divorce case, with the most common examples being:

  • Property division;
  • Alimony;
  • Child custody;
  • Child support;
  • Visitation and relocation.

The right attorney can help with navigating all of these challenges, starting with confirming that the person filing for divorce meets the minimum requirements according to Florida law. This means that at least one spouse has resided in the state for a minimum amount of time prior to filing the petition. It is also crucial to know if there are any marital agreements, such as prenups, that exist and need to be followed.

Child Custody Disputes

The custody of minor children is another common family law dispute that can cause strong emotions. While this is often a discussion point during a divorce, it is also common among unmarried parents. State law prefers that both parents share custody of minor children but a Judge also has the power to award these rights to one parent instead, especially if the other party has a history of domestic violence. Ultimately, custody issues are resolved based on what is in the best interest of the child.

In addition to children that a couple already has, a Pembroke Pines family lawyer can help someone with formally adopting a child.

Child Support Issues

In addition to disputes over child custody, a Pembroke Pines family attorney can make the case for a certain level of child support. These financial payments are designed to provide a child with the financial support they would have otherwise enjoyed if they lived with both parents together. These payments cover things like the cost of housing, food, medical care, and education.

Just like with child custody issues, the courts decide child support payments based on the best interests of the child. While the Judge will set an initial amount in the child support order, it is possible to pursue modification in the future. Modifying the child support obligation—by increasing or decreasing the monthly payment—can occur when there is a material change in one or both parents’ circumstances.

Determining Alimony

Alimony refers to the monetary payments from one former spouse to another. This arrangement can be temporary, giving someone support as they complete their education or otherwise reach a point where they provide for themselves. In many other cases, alimony payments can also be long-term. Issues surrounding alimony are often heated and involve analyzing a person’s finances. Given the significant impact this decision can have on the finances of both former spouses, it is vital to rely on the assistance of a family lawyer in Pembroke Pines who can make the best case for an increase or a reduction in the amount of support.

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