It can be uncomfortable to admit that many of your personal domestic disputes have to be settled in a legal way. Family lawyers provide advice, support, and advocacy to help you navigate the laws associated with marriage, divorce, and support.

Attorneys in family a law practice bring legal knowledge, drafting assistance, negotiating skills, and the ability to litigate on behalf of their clients. Consult a Coconut Grove family lawyer when considering a legal change to your family situation.

Benefits of a Family Law Attorney

Few people enter a marriage with the expectation that a conflict will drive a wedge in their relationship. If that situation does occur, couples are not expected to sort it out on their own. Coconut Grove family attorneys are available to help organize the priorities, and push for a fair and equitable outcome.

During a marriage, changes might occur or issues arise that call for a marital agreement. Marital agreements could set forth any arrangements a couple makes regarding financial issues, care of a disabled child or other relative, distribution of specific property, and other topics.

If a marriage does not work out, a couple can sit down with a legal professional to develop a separation agreement. These agreements can address issues such as spousal support, possession of the marital home, and other topics of concern.

A Family Attorney’s Role in Divorce

It is not uncommon for a marriage to eventually end in divorce. Working closely with a skilled Coconut Grove family lawyer, a spouse could meet their goals for the dissolution of their marriage with as little stress as possible.

Florida law calls for the equitable distribution of marital property. In practice, one spouse might leave the marriage with more than the other, depending on several specific factors. It is important to have legal assistance during this process so that one person does not end up with more than what they deserve. A local legal professional can conduct negotiations with the other spouse’s attorney, represent a spouse at mediation, or both. Even after the divorce has been finalized, there may be a change in circumstances that warrants a post-judgment modification in regards to alimony, which a family lawyer can assist with.

Legal Issues Regarding Children

When parents decide to live apart, the well-being of their children must be the highest priority. Florida courts favor allowing both parents plenty of opportunities to be with their children. Florida Statutes § 61.13 refers to these arrangements as parenting and time-sharing, rather than custody.

Florida does not favor either parent in deciding on parenting and time-sharing issues. All such decisions must be based on the best interests of the children. Courts prefer that parents formulate a plan to raise their children that allows each of them ample time. However, when one parent poses a credible threat to the child’s well-being, a Coconut Grove family law attorney can advocate for one parent to have primary responsibility for the child, and the other parent to have supervised visitation or no visitation at all. In addition, they can work with someone to either dispute or establish paternity of a child.

A happier event that requires legal assistance is adoption. A step-parent might wish to adopt their partner’s child; or an individual or couple could adopt through the child protection system, or through a private local or international agency. Whatever the circumstances, a local attorney counsels on all of the requirements necessary for an adoption to take effect.

Work with a Coconut Grove Attorney On All of Your Family Law Issues

Many people need a family lawyer at some point in their lives. Whether it involves a divorce, child custody, or some other family situation that requires legal guidance, a Coconut Grove family lawyer provides valuable insight.

It is always best to get accurate legal information before acting. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced family professional today.