Some of the happiest and most difficult times in your life might require the services of a legal professional knowledgeable about family law. Marriage, divorce, and parenthood could all trigger situations that have legal consequences.

A Pinecrest family lawyer can provide sound advice based on years of experience. A local legal representative will listen closely to your concerns and goals, and then develop a solution that puts you in a good position in your life moving forward.

Matters Requiring Family Law Experience

Family law encompasses almost any situation that impacts a family in a legal sense. A Pinecrest attorney working in family law assists individuals with:

While many domestic legal matters are identified well in advance, others might occur without much warning. A person who is overwhelmed by the task before them should consult a legal professional to analyze their situation and provide effective counsel about how they should proceed.

In other cases, a person has time to consider their best options. A couple that plans to divorce or who must determine child support arrangements has the right to an attorney who works on their behalf in any dispute.

The Basics of Marital Law in Pinecrest

A marriage imposes legal rights and obligations on the spouses and it changes how a spouse’s property will be distributed, if necessary. If a couple divorces, Florida Statute §61.075 requires that all marital property be divided equitably.

Many couples prefer to control how their property will be inherited or divided. A family lawyer in Pinecrest can explain each spouse’s legal obligations and help them develop a valid, enforceable marital agreement that carries out their wishes as closely as possible.

If a couple decides to divorce, the process is quicker, less expensive, and more private if they can negotiate a settlement agreement together, rather than engage in litigation and force a judge to make intimate family decisions.

Legal Challenges Surrounding Parenthood

Issues regarding children often comprise a large part of a family attorney’s practice. When parents separate or divorce, deciding where the children will live, the visitation rights of the other parent, and the amount of child support the custodial parent will receive is a critical element of the discussion. Courts will not issue a final divorce decree without a detailed parenting plan that supports the children’s best interests.

If a child’s parents are unmarried, the mother is automatically the child’s legal guardian, and the father has no parental rights until he establishes paternity. Parents could sign an acknowledgment of paternity and file it with the Florida Office of Vital Statistics. In other cases, a parent may need to establish paternity with a genetic test.

Adoption is a method many individuals and couples use to expand their families. Some families pursue adoption through the foster care system and others use private agencies. Step-parents might choose to legally adopt a partner’s child. When parents are unable to provide adequate care, then grandparents, aunts and uncles, or older siblings might be able to adopt a child. Whatever the family circumstances, a Pinecrest attorney ensures that the family complies with all legal requirements pertaining to adoption.

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