Attorneys who practice family law can lend assistance during some of the most important events a family could experience. Marriage, divorce, adoption, and caring for elders are all part of a family attorney’s practice. This practice area requires not just legal knowledge, but empathy, experience, and sound judgment. Although a family law practitioner can be a fierce advocate in divorce court when necessary, negotiation and compromise often achieve better results for you.

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Protecting Assets Through Marital Agreements

Many couples feel more comfortable after forming contracts with each other regarding their financial expectations during the marriage and after a potential divorce. If they sign a contract before marriage, it is called a prenuptial agreement. If they sign it after marriage, it is a post-nuptial agreement.

Marital agreements are especially important if one party owns a business, has a professional license, has significantly more wealth than the other, or has children from a previous relationship. However, almost any couple may find it useful to disclose their assets and debts, and discuss how to manage their financial situations.

A West Miami family law attorney can prepare a marital agreement or review one that another professional has prepared. It is critical for each party in a marital agreement to have an independent legal professional review the document so that they understand what it actually says.

Family Lawyer Assisting with Divorce

A divorce can take a toll, even when both spouses agree that the marriage is over and wish to split up on good terms. It is important for a person to work with a legal professional who can focus on the law without being influenced by emotions.

For couples who communicate well and agree about all the primary issues, they can request an uncontested divorce. Couples must pursue a contested divorce if they cannot agree on all of the critical issues before filing it. However, even when a divorce is contested, the couple and their lawyers usually negotiate a settlement to avoid a costly and stressful divorce trial.

Divorce might not terminate the couple’s legal and personal obligations to each other, especially if they have children together. A lawyer can also push for post-judgment modification if it becomes necessary to modify or enforce court orders regarding child support, child custody, or alimony.

Handling Other Family Law Issues

Although marriage and divorce are the major components of a family law practice, they are not the only issues that arise. Many other situations could require the services of a family lawyer in West Miami.

Adopting a Child

Expanding a family through adoption is rewarding, but can be time-consuming and have more legal hurdles than one might expect. Whether a family pursues adoption through the foster care system, uses a private agency, or adopts internationally, it is necessary to consult with a lawyer first. It is also critical for step-parents and LGBTQ couples to consult on adoption issues. If a non-biological parent fails to take the necessary steps, they could be left without legal parental rights.


Guardianship is a way for family members or other loved ones to ensure that vulnerable people have the care and assistance they require. As adults age, it becomes harder for them to manage their affairs due to illness or mental decline. People with developmental and other disabilities might require guidance or supervision in handling their money and obligations. Concerned loved ones could consult a family law practitioner for advice about setting up a legal guardianship in a specific case.

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