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While there are few types of legal disputes that have easy resolutions, those involving direct family members tend to be especially difficult. Even if both sides agree on what a preferable end result would look like, it can be almost impossible to obtain a positive outcome and comply with all state laws without help from a legal professional. That applies not only to questions of divorce, custody, or support payments, but also to the probate process after the death of a loved one.

Fortunately, you do not have to deal with family and probate law on your own if you seek help from an attorney with extensive experience. By working with a family and probate lawyer located in Coral Gables or one of our other locations in Florida, you could preserve your rights and interests during a legal conflict with a spouse or while determining inheritance after a family member’s passing.

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Handling Marriage-Related Legal Matters
Handling Marriage-Related Legal Matters

A significant number of cases that fall under family law have to do with some form of disagreement between currently or formerly married partners. On the most basic level, guidance from a Florida family law attorney with headquarters in Coral Gables would be a big help during every stage of the divorce process. They could assist with filing the correct documents, as well as solving any conflicts that often come up when dissolving a marriage.

A family lawyer is critical to addressing matters like child custody rights, spousal support or alimony, child support obligations, and even division of jointly owned property. They can also help someone avoid conflicts by drafting prenuptial or postnuptial agreements so that there is not a prolonged fight later on.

What Other Family Matters Could Legal Counsel Assist With?
What Other Family Matters Could Legal Counsel Assist With?

Marriage is far from the only matter that falls into the category of “family law” and our attorneys in Coral Gables and other cities can help with every single one of them.

Divorce/Dissolution of a Marriage

Divorce is a common event in the lives of many married couples, one which often produces heightened emotions. Whether a couple is going through a no-fault divorce (where there is no specific incident that caused the breakup) or a painful split, a family attorney in Coral Gables and one of our other locations can assist with questions of custody and asset distribution.

Post-Judgment Modifications

Even after a divorce is finalized, there might still be disputes that come up between former spouses. From child custody modifications to alimony adjustments, the circumstances might change in such a way that the previous agreements are no longer fair. A family law attorney can make the case that a modification is necessary.

Establishing Paternity

A family attorney could also help with potentially thorny issues like establishing paternity over a child born to unmarried parents, as well as enforcing the rights of a father to participate in their child’s life. Depending on the circumstances, they could push for custody and visitation rights for the father.

Prepare for the Future with a Florida Probate Lawyer with Headquarters in Coral Gables
Prepare for the Future with a Florida Probate Lawyer with Headquarters in Coral Gables

Accepting and adjusting to the death of a family member can be difficult. Not only do these events have a profound emotional and economic impact on your life, but they may also raise important legal questions. Most important among these is figuring out what parties have the right to inherit the decedent’s property under the law. The process for answering these questions is known as probate. One of our probate lawyers in Florida can help you understand this type of legal procedure and what to expect. Our trusted attorneys in Coral Gables and in other locations across Florida can submit formal petitions, evaluate the legitimacy of wills, investigate the actions of administrators, and protect the rights of legal heirs to receive the maximum value of your inheritance.

Formal Administration

Formal administration is the default process of administering the assets of the deceased person through probate court. A personal representative will be established to oversee this process. A probate lawyer can guide that representative through their duties, or, alternatively, make the case that an established representative is not fulfilling their duties properly.

Summary Administration

A lawyer can also assist with summary administration, which differs from formal administration in that it does not require a representative to oversee the process, and it also applies to estates worth less than $75,000 or if the person has been deceased for over two years.

Estate Litigation

While many probate cases go off without a hitch, there are times when a person may need to challenge the contents of a will or the actions of a personal representative/executor. A Coral Gables probate attorney can represent an individual in court to make these assertions – or defend someone against them.

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Family and probate law is a complicated area of the legal system, and one that can be challenging without qualified counsel. Retaining a Florida family and probate lawyer located in Coral Gables and our other locations across Florida should be a priority for anyone dealing with domestic-related legal trouble or an estate to manage. Call our office today for a free consultation. You will receive personal attention from a committed legal advocate.

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