Guide to Hiring an Attorney in Florida

An attorney is indispensable for the proper planning and handling of family and probate needs. However, with so many attorneys out there, many people struggle when it comes time to choosing a lawyer. The following short guide to hiring an attorney in Florida will help you make the right choice.

Know Why You Need an Attorney

Before searching for an attorney, make sure you know why you need an attorney. Understanding the why will help you narrow down your choices to include professionals who are experienced in your area of need. 

Remember that lawyers often focus on different areas of law. If you know your specific needs, such as child support enforcement, you can choose an attorney that specifically handles these types of cases. 

Ask Around

Word of mouth continues to be one of the most powerful and effective ways for individuals to find the attorneys they need. By simply asking friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations, you can get verifiable first-hand accounts of the quality of service provided by various attorneys. 

Explore Attorney Websites

Attorney websites contain information about the services they offer. They also often feature results pages filled with testimonials from former clients. Peruse these websites to help shorten your list.

Keep in mind that you should not base your decision solely on an attorney’s website. A perfectly capable attorney might not have the flashiest website around. However, in this day and age, a well-thought-out website with clear and concise content speaks volumes about the law firm’s capabilities. 

Check Review Sites

Various review sites provide client feedback on attorneys’ services. Two of the most popular and most utilized review sites are YELP and Google Reviews. By spending a bit of time reading through just these two review platforms, you can get a good general feel of the competency of an attorney you are considering hiring. 

Use Lawyer Listings

Lawyer listings typically have a wealth of information about their lawyers, such as:

  • Schooling 
  • Work history
  • Type of law practiced
  • Awards and certifications
  • Disciplinary information

Many of the listings also have client reviews. Additionally, professional listings not exclusively dedicated to lawyers — such as LinkedIn — may also be helpful. 

Free Consultations

Many probate and family law attorneys offer free initial consultations to potential clients. If you are in search of an attorney, it is well worth your while to schedule free consultations with your potential choices. During these meetings, you will get a sense of an attorney’s competency, experience, compassion, and passion. 

And perhaps most importantly, you will get a feeling of whether you can work with the attorney. Although an attorney may be experienced and knowledgeable, your rapport with them is almost as important as their ability to serve you. 

Remember, you will be discussing sensitive life matters with whomever you choose. Make sure you pick someone you are comfortable exposing your life to.

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By following these detailed steps, you are bound to find the right professional. The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm is an excellent place to start and end your search. Call today for a free consultation.