Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Who gets to keep the $1.8M ring?

If you have been keeping up with the news, then you probably know that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have recently decided to call off their engagement. Naturally, the question becomes, who keeps the engagement ring? Luckily, this is not Jennifer’s first battle over an engagement ring. Jennifer Lopez has been engaged five times over the years and has reportedly kept her flashy rings from her past relationships. It has been reported that Alex and Jennifer’s split was amicable and both parties agreed to call it quits would be best. Jennifer Lopez spoke on the issue on the Today Show, saying that both she and Alex Rodriguez agree they will be better as friends and will continue to maintain a friendly relationship with one another. But what about the $1.8M engagement ring? According to sources, Jennifer Lopez still has the ring in her possession. Sources do not know whether she intends to give it back or keep it. The two reportedly are known for gifting each other expensive jewelry and given that the two are ending on seemingly good terms, it may be that they will be okay with each other keeping their respective gifts. So now that the two have decided to call it quits, what happens to the stunning $1.8M engagement ring? 

Florida Law and Engagement Rings

If an engagement is broken, how does the law handle who gets to keep the engagement ring? On the one hand, the person who gave the ring may feel entitled to get the ring back because the wedding never happened. On the other hand, the person who received the ring may feel entitled to keep it because the ring was a gift.  Florida courts, along with most jurisdictions, have held that engagement rings are conditional gifts. The condition is that the marriage actually takes place. Florida law specifically dictates that in situations where the person who received the ring calls off the engagement, or where the decision was mutual, the spouse who gave the ring may recover the ring if they choose to do so. There is no such claim of recovery when the person who gave the ring is the one who decides to call off the engagement. Of course, there may be circumstances that mitigate this result. For example, the ring giver could have called off the engagement because his or her partner was unfaithful. Under such circumstances, a court may hold it inequitable for the unfaithful partner to keep the ring. 

Based on Florida law, Alex Rodriguez does have a claim to recover the $1.8M ring back because, according to Jennifer Lopez herself, the decision to cut off the engagement was mutual. Of course, Alex Rodriguez may just let Jennifer Lopez keep the ring, although the two will no longer be getting married. The future of who will stay with the $1.8M dollar ring is to be determined! 

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