Signs Your Spouse Is Having an Affair

No one wants to find out that their spouse is having an affair. However, nothing good ever came from burying your head in the sand. In fact, it is usually more optimal to confirm an affair than pretend it does not exist.

If you suspect infidelity in your marriage, be on the lookout for the following signs that can mean your spouse is having an affair. If you find out that they are indeed being unfaithful, reach out to an experienced divorce attorney for help and to explore your options.

Signs Your Spouse Is Having an Affair

Many cheating spouses believe that they are adequately covering their tracks. But the truth is that all cheaters leave clues of their infidelity. If you notice any of the following signs in your marriage, cheating may or may not be occurring. So you will want to refrain from accusations until you have definitive proof of the infidelity.

They Avoid You

Not all but many cheating spouses suddenly start avoiding their spouse once their affair begins. They typically do so out of guilt but may also avoid you so as not to divulge the fact of the affair. Regardless, this avoidance should be seen as a red flag.

They Stop Or Cut Back Having Sexual Relations With You

If your frequency of sex diminishes because of your partner, it could be due to various causes, including medical or stress-related reasons. However, if they give no reason for suddenly or gradually phasing out sex, the likelihood exists that they are having sex with someone else.

They Lie

There aren’t many red flags that point to an affair quite like a lie does. Even if the lie does not seem directly related to activities of unfaithfulness, the fact that your spouse lied about something is a cause for concern, especially when they are not known to lie. It typically means that there are more lies to be discovered.

They Spend More Time Away from Home

As you would expect, many people involved in affairs start spending more time away from home than usual — but not always. Some cheaters can engage in affairs during the time they are normally away. But those who do start spending more time outside of the home will lie about the reasons why they are absent or tell half-truths.

They Spend More Time on Their Appearance

It’s normal for a person to spend time on their appearance before heading out. However, if your spouse is taking more than usual time to work on their looks, there may be another person in their life — but not necessarily.

As with the other signs listed above, there may be reasons other than infidelity that explain this behavior. But remember that two or more signs in conjunction can be concerning indicators of an affair.

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