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What is Formal Administration?

Formal administration is Florida’s most common form of probate. When an estate does not qualify for summary administration, or some other alternative to probate administration, the estate must go through a process called formal administration. Formal administration requires close court supervision of the collection and distribution of the decedent’s estate.


What is a Minor Guardianship?

A guardian is someone who is appointed to make legal decisions for someone else, who is unable to make those decisions on their own. Guardianship may be sought for incapacitated adults or for minors. A minor guardianship creates a legal relationship between the guardian and the minor, where the guardian becomes responsible for making decisions regarding the minor’s person, property, or sometimes both.


Reasons for contesting a will

As attorneys who practice in probate court, we know contesting a Last Will and Testament is a long process, which often involves disputes amongst beneficiaries/heirs to the estate and disputes regarding the terms of the Last Will and Testament. Although probate litigation may be overwhelming, it is not uncommon that the interested parties will be unhappy with some aspect of the Last Will and Testament’s terms and provisions. As previously discussed, dissatisfied parties may dispute the Last Will and Testament. […]


What is Guardianship?

Guardianship refers to the legal process of obtaining the authority to make decisions for someone else. A guardian is appointed by the court and delegated the legal authority to act on behalf of someone’s person, property or both.


Guardianship of a Minor Child

A child is every parent’s highest priority. So, the possibility of not being there by their side as they grow is, although hard to fathom, a possibility with the occurrence of an unexpected life event. We must be ready for the worst and prepare for the possibility of these life events...

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