How Do You Define Guardianship in Florida?

In life, when we love another person, we do our best to prioritize their interests over ours.  We even think ahead and prepare everything to secure their life and welfare at times when we leave this world.  Our human nature dictates that loving someone goes beyond this life and the law helps us to prepare for this issue.

When making sure that your loved ones are protected, filing for guardianship is one of the best ways to give them the protection that they need.  A legal guardian is a person who is given the legal authority to protect and care for the property and personal interests of another person.

All the general provisions, duties and power of a guardian can be found within Florida Legislature Chapter 744 found here.

Considerations in Choosing a Guardian

Of course, there are basic issues you need to consider when choosing a guardian for your loved one.  Will this person have the time to serve as guardian?  Will this person be able to schedule doctor appointments for the Ward or hire someone to take care of this?  Will this person have time to create a monthly budget for all the Ward’s needs?

These are just some of the considerations when considering who to choose as guardian.  You must make sure that you have the right person in mind because naming a guardian for your loved one is an important decision to make.

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