My Spouse Is on Drugs and I’m Worried for Our Children — What Can I Do?

No situation is worse than when a child is not safe in their own home. Sadly, children are at risk every day throughout Florida due to irresponsible parents who consume illegal drugs.

If you are concerned for your children because of your spouse’s drug use, it is important to know that you have options to protect them.

Resolve the Problem with Your Spouse

If at all possible, you should consider trying to resolve the problem with your spouse as your first step. Discussing the problem calmly and maturely can yield great results and may make your spouse aware that their problem will eventually affect your children.

Some of the solutions the two of you might explore include counseling to help determine the root of the drug problem and drug rehabilitation. Of course, if your spouse is not open to discussing the issue with you and is not interested in rehabilitation, you will have to take more drastic steps to deal with the issue.

File a Protection Order

A protection order is a drastic step that can potentially prevent you and your children from experiencing harm. However, you must demonstrate that your spouse’s drug abuse is so severe that it will result in imminent harm to you and your children.

For example, if you notice increasing aggression from your spouse, you may reasonably suspect that this aggression will turn into violence sooner rather than later and use it as a basis for an order of protection.

Call the Police

Calling the police on a spouse is not something anyone wants to do. However, if your children’s safety is at stake and your options are limited, you may want to consider doing so.

Keep in mind that your spouse will likely face a misdemeanor or felony drug charge. However, if there are drugs lying around your family home, your children are at a high risk of overdose, which will lead to an investigation by the state.

Maintain Separate Households

Legal separation does not exist in Florida. However, you can legally maintain a separate household from your spouse if their drug use is threatening your children’s safety. The period of time away from the family may be just what your spouse needs to get their life back on track. It will surely help keep your children safer.


Divorce is a more permanent solution to the problem of a dangerous, drug-using spouse — it should be explored with a seasoned family law attorney. There are many issues that will arise, such as child custody, that can complicate dissolution proceedings. But with an experienced advocate on your side, you can minimize the fallout and impact on your family.

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