Spousal support—which is more commonly known as alimony in Florida—is a type of court-ordered monetary payment made from one former spouse to another. This form of support is used following a divorce to ensure that spouses who did not work full-time during the course of the marriage are not left helpless and unable to earn a living.

There are different forms of spousal support available under the law, and a skilled family attorney can assist with pursuing any of them. Before you attempt to resolve your divorce case on your own, you could benefit from the guidance of a Coral Gables alimony lawyer.

Types of Spousal Support

Before a court can award spousal support (alimony), it must first determine what type of alimony might be appropriate. Any person who is seeking spousal support with the help of their Coral Gables attorney should identify the type of support they are looking for.

Rehabilitative Alimony

Rehabilitative alimony is intended to allow a spouse to become self-sufficient. These funds are used to support that person as they seek education or workplace training, and are limited to the time necessary to secure that training.

Durational Alimony

Durational support is alimony that lasts for a set duration. This fixed period could go on for years, but it cannot last longer than the length of the marriage.

Bridge-The-Gap Alimony

Bridge-the-gap spousal support is designed exclusively for shorter marriages lasting less than a period of seven years.

Temporary Alimony

As the name suggests, temporary alimony is not intended to last long. This alimony is provided to spouses during the course of the divorce proceedings before the order has been finalized by the court.

How to Qualify for Alimony

The courts will not automatically award alimony during the course of every divorce case. In fact, there are many occasions when a judge determines that spousal support is unnecessary. An attorney located in Coral Gables could provide guidance on when spousal support could be available.

Either spouse has the opportunity to request alimony. This form of support is not limited to women, as men could also qualify for alimony. Ultimately, the court considers two factors when faced with a request for spousal support. First, a Judge will take into account the needs of the requesting spouse. Second, the Judge will look at the other spouse’s ability to provide financial support. There must be a genuine need for support, as well as a clear ability to provide it.

The court looks at different factors when coming to these conclusions. Some of the most common factors include:

  • The standard of living enjoyed during the marriage;
  • The length of the marriage;
  • Whether there are minor children from the marriage;
  • The financial resources of each spouse;
  • The spouses’ age and health;
  • The spouses’ earning capacity.

There is no strict formula for the court to determine if alimony should be implemented or not. A judge will review these factors and determine on their own if an award is appropriate.

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Depending on the circumstances, you could be entitled to spousal support following your divorce. This support is never guaranteed, which makes it important to seek legal counsel immediately.

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