How to Prepare for the Holiday Season During a Divorce

Your decision to divorce is life-changing and likely ever-present in your thoughts. With the holidays around the corner, you may be feeling high levels of stress as you worry about how your divorce will impact the winter season.

Fortunately, you can take steps that will help you and your family have a joyful holiday season, even in the face of a divorce.

Manage Expectations

With divorce and family law proceedings underway, it is important to realize and accept that things are no longer the same — including how the holidays play out. Although it is likely painful to admit this fact, you can prepare yourself and your family by addressing and managing family expectations.

Managing expectations requires each party affected by the divorce to accept — not just acknowledge — that things will no longer be the same. Discussing the relevant changes to normal holiday customs should be done far before the custom usually takes place.

It won’t be easy talking about these changes, but doing so will help greatly in addressing the disappointment that you and your family might feel. For children, talking about expectations well in advance of the holidays is usually especially helpful.

Plan It Out

Divorce or not, the holiday season can be a stressful time for all. With the changes your family will experience, it may be helpful for you to plan your season logistically to help things go off without a hitch.

Plan out every aspect of any traveling you do and make a schedule and itinerary for holiday visitors who may pop in. And don’t forget to share the details with your family. Making sure that everyone is in the know will help keep the stress of the seasons and the divorce at a manageable level.

Prepare Friends and Relatives

Do you normally celebrate the holidays with friends and family? If so, you will want to prepare them for the changes your divorce might bring.

They also have expectations for the holidays and may be used to seeing you and your family at some point. However, you may be splitting parenting time with your spouse during the proceedings, which could affect who you see and when. But with a little advanced notice, you can properly prepare your loved ones for what to expect.

Care for Yourself and Call Us

Don’t forget about your needs. As you work hard to bring your family a beautiful winter season while going through a divorce, you may find it easy to neglect the care you need. However, you must look after yourself during this stressful time to be able to care for your family.

Divorce and the holiday season are polar opposites in many aspects. But you can set yourself and your family up for smoother winter festivities by taking these necessary steps.

Florida family law allows you and your spouse to make holiday plans that work for your situation and the best interests of your children. The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm can help. Contact our office today to speak with a divorce lawyer for personalized legal assistance and advice on how to deal with the holiday season timesharing schedule.