Nick Canon And The Latest Update On His Baby Momma Drama

If you don’t know already, Nick Cannon is now the proud father of nine children, with a tenth and eleventh on the way. Fortunately, he’s wealthy enough to honor his paternity-based obligations. However, does he actually have to provide for each and every one of his kids, given that multiple mothers are involved?

The answer is yes. A parent has an obligation to take care of their children, no matter how many there are and no matter how many mothers are involved. The real issue is how much child support Cannon is obligated to pay for each of his sons and daughters. The answer to this question depends on which state has jurisdiction over the issue.

California has jurisdiction over most of Cannon’s child support cases. The laws there are similar to those found in many other states, with some differences. Generally speaking, children have the right to be maintained at a level mimicking the lifestyle of both parents. And it’s generally cheaper to have more children with the same partner than with multiple mothers.

For example, Brittany Bell has given birth to two of Cannon’s children and has a third one on the way. This third child would cost Cannon more money if Brittany Bell did not already have two of the celebrity’s children. Subsequent children of the same parents receive less child support than the first child or children. Experts believe Cannon will have to pay an additional $20,000 per month on top of the $80,000 he already pays for his two children with Bell.

Cannon’s most recent newborn is with LaNisha Cole. The former Price Is Right model gave birth to her first and only child in the fall of 2022. Legal experts estimate Cannon’s payments for his new child to be around $40,000 per month, which would be lower if the couple already had children together.

For argument’s sake, let’s say Florida family law has jurisdiction over the entire matter. In the Sunshine State, divorce and child support laws are quite similar to the Golden State laws. As such, if Cannon is ordered to pay child support for child 2 and has other children born prior (child 1), this will affect the child support amount a future child receives. Basically, the first to petition for child support will receive the most in child support especially if the paying parent’s income does not change.

However, overall, the mothers with more than one of Cannon’s children receive far more monthly payments than the mothers with single children. For example, Brittany Bell is on track to receive about a cool million per year in support payments once her and Cannon’s third child is born.

With all of these mouths to feed and more on the way, Cannon is looking at a minimum of 18 years of child support payments in the multiple millions of dollars. Currently, his annual total is believed to be around $3 million, not including numbers 10 and 11, who are waiting to be born. The only thing that might reduce this heavy burden is an unexpected, significant reduction in Cannon’s income and nothing else — except maybe a negative DNA test to prove paternity.

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