There are many issues that can cause conflict in a divorce. When children are involved in such cases, it will be essential to resolve the matter of child custody and how parenting responsibilities will be allocated between both parties.

The law allows for many different types of parenting plans and the final decision will revolve around what the Judge determines is in the best interests of your child. Working with a Coral Way child custody lawyer will put you in a better position. A reliable family law attorney can safeguard your rights as a parent and represent you each step of the way.

Common Child Custody Arrangements

There are two main types of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody has to do with who the child physically lives with, while legal custody concerns the ability to make legal decisions on the child’s behalf. A parent with legal custody of their child can make decisions like where the child goes to school or what healthcare they receive.

Either form of custody can be held solely by one parent or shared jointly by both. The child’s best interests will be of the most important concern to the Judge. When it comes to physical custody, known under Florida law as time-sharing, the Judge could take it in any number of directions.

For example, some parties agree to one week on/one week off, or two weeks on/two weeks off, to fairly distribute time between each parent while also maintaining a stable environment for the child. Some arrangements have a switch between parenting time every week, where each parent has the child with them for a few days at a time. A Coral Way attorney can assist with formulating an equitable and detailed child custody plan that keeps the child’s needs front and center.

Establishing a Parenting Plan

The nature of the parenting plan and the process of getting to the final agreement will depend on the level of cooperation between co-parents. A Coral Way child custody attorney can provide invaluable legal assistance.

When a Judge is looking at a proposed parenting plan, they will typically consider multiple factors in assessing whether the document aligns with the child’s best interests. These could include the child’s own personal wishes (if they are old enough), the wishes of each parent, and the likelihood of each parent to provide for their child’s needs and interests, whether those be personal, educational, medical, or otherwise.

The Judge may also consider how likely it is for the parents to work together to promote their child’s relationship with the other parent while following the proposed schedule. Any track record by either party that could go against the child’s best interests, such as an unsafe home environment, a history of abuse, or any other reason, would be an important piece to the Judge’s final decision as well.

What If One Parent Gains Sole Custody?

Even in situations where one parent is awarded sole custodial rights, the other parent can petition for visitation rights. Most courts favor arrangements where each parent continues to have an active role in their child’s life, assuming this would not endanger the child’s best interests.

Discover Your Options With a Coral Way Child Custody Attorney Today

Every parenting plan looks slightly different. A Coral Way child custody lawyer with a broad range of experience handling these cases can help you pursue the plan that most aligns with your situation and best serves the needs of your child.

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