The end of a marriage can be a time filled with emotion and challenges as you navigate a new phase in your life. If you share children with your former partner, there will be many legal concerns you will deal with during the divorce process. Ensuring that you can meet your child’s financial needs will be a prime focus.

A Coral Way child support lawyer can help you identify and pursue the most favorable agreement. Our committed family attorneys help you better understand your rights and obligations as a parent, all while keeping the best interests of your child in mind.

Child Support Rules in Coral Way

The payment of child support by either parent is designed to serve the child’s essential and non-essential needs. There are many factors that can impact the final amount a parent is required to pay; and even in situations where both parents share custody equally, child support still plays an integral role. Both parents must be committed to meeting their child’s financial, personal, medical, and other needs.

Typically, child support payments stop once the child turns 18. However, there may be circumstances in which support obligations are extended beyond the age of 18, potentially while they are in college. Child support as agreed upon between both parties or ordered by a Judge may be used to cover a wide range of costs in the child’s journey to adulthood.

Support payments are designed to cover non-negotiable expenses like the cost of feeding, clothing, and educating the child. Payments can also be used to cover healthcare costs, including health insurance or any expenses due to the child’s unique medical situation. However, child support can also be used to cover other expenses like extracurricular activities, hobbies, and transportation costs. A Coral Way attorney can further advise on child support matters based on the underlying situation.

Factors That Can Determine Child Support

Among the variety of factors that can determine the final obligation to pay child support imposed on either parent is the gross income of both parties.  A Coral Way attorney can see to it that all relevant factors are brought before the Judge or handled in negotiations before the final child support agreement is entered.

Keep in mind, many different income sources can be considered in order to assess the gross income amount and assign support obligations. These sources can include each parent’s salary, bonuses and commissions, Social Security income, disability income, and investments, to name some common examples.

Beyond each parent’s income, the custody arrangement will also generally play a role in the Judge’s final decision, as this will also impact the distribution of costs associated with the child’s upbringing. Often, the parent with primary custody would receive support on their behalf. Any specific expenses pertaining to the child, such as the cost of childcare while both parents work, or costs associated with a health condition, would also influence the Judge’s decision.

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You should not leave your child support case to chance. Even if you have a decent relationship with your former partner, a Coral Way child support lawyer can work with you to make sure nothing falls by the wayside with your case and that all your legal concerns are addressed.

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