Spending adequate time with your children is a primary concern of any parent. When parents live with their children full-time, it is easier to carve out quality time to spend together but when they need to share parenting time with their former partner, it can get a lot harder to spend enough time with their kids. Without enough time, you might worry that you will not develop a strong parenting bond with your child.

To discuss securing visitation rights with your child, you should meet with a Pembroke Pines visitation lawyer and learn the next steps. Our compassionate family law attorneys are committed to your case.

Why Visitation Rights Are Important for Parents

Visitation rights are critical for noncustodial parents. Just because they do not get to see their child every day does not mean they do not want to be a big part of their child’s life. Parents who do not live with their children want to make sure they are still part of each of their children’s milestones as they grow up.

Noncustodial parents can maintain a strong relationship with their child by spending quality time together, like for school concerts, little league games, holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other special events. Sometimes a divorced parent needs to take legal action to ensure they have visitation rights.

A trusted visitation attorney in Pembroke Pines understands just how important parenting time is to establish a bond with a child and can help a divorced or single parent fight to gain fair visitation rights.

Custodial Issues Requiring Legal Assistance

Qualified attorneys can help with a wide variety of visitation issues. If a court determines that a parent is unfit, they might severely limit or even deny their visitation rights. A diligent legal team could help a parent appeal the decision.

If a Judge grants a parent visitation rights, the co-parent should follow that decision. However, some parents are deliberately late to exchanges, refuse to hand over their child, show up at unapproved parenting times, or speak badly about the co-parent. An attorney could file a contempt of court motion to stop that behavior.

Modification of Parenting Agreement

A Pembroke Pines lawyer might be able to help a parent modify the existing visitation agreement. If one parent feels that their child is unsafe at the co-parent’s home, they can file a restraining order to protect them temporarily. They can also ask the Judge to order only supervised visits, so the child is not alone with the parent. In certain cases, a Judge might order no visitation time at all.

If there has been another significant change in circumstances, a parent could ask the court to modify their parenting time agreement. Courts often make modifications when one parent moves, becomes seriously ill, or changes their work schedule.

Experienced Pembroke Pines lawyers can review the details of a family’s situation and help them pursue the best possible visitation arrangement.

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Visitation rights are essential to building a familial bond with your child but there are also situations where it might put a child at risk. If you are experiencing any type of visitation problem, a Pembroke Pines visitation lawyer can offer guidance during a free case evaluation. Set up a time to meet with a member of The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm.