When you become a parent, many of your priorities change. Instead of worrying so much about yourself and your plans, you put your child’s interests above your own. You want to spend as much time with them as possible so that you can build a special bond.

Unfortunately, family situations change. When one parent decides to relocate with their child, the other parent might object to that plan—and experienced family attorneys may need to get involved.

When you or the co-parent is considering moving, discuss your concerns with a trusted Pembroke Pines relocation lawyer as soon as possible.

Understanding How Relocation Can Affect a Family

Sometimes, one parent wants to relocate with their children. This can happen when that parent or their new partner gets a job opportunity in another state, wants to be closer to their extended family, or just wants a chance at a better quality of life. However, moving is not simple when children and a custody arrangement are involved. Both parents must agree to the move. If they agree, they must file a plan to modify the existing custody order. If one parent objects to the proposed relocation, a court holds a hearing to decide whether to approve or deny the relocation request.

Local attorneys in Pembroke Pines have a successful track record of assisting parents who want to relocate, as well as parents who want to prevent relocation. No matter what situation is impacting a family, a lawyer has the means to help.

Relocation Must Be in a Child’s Best Interest

In a hearing about a proposed relocation, the parent who wants to move must convince a court that the move would be in their children’s best interests. According to Florida Statute 61.13001, Section 7, some considerations a Judge would look at in determining the best interests of a child are as follows:

  • Why one parent wants to relocate;
  • Why the other parent opposes the move;
  • What the child wants, if the child is mature enough to make that decision;
  • Whether either parent had a history of drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence;
  • Whether the child has any special needs and how the move might impact them;
  • How hard it would be for the non-relocating parent to maintain their bond and relationship if the child moves;
  • The job status and financial situation of each parent and whether the move would bring more opportunities;
  • If the move would improve the child’s quality of life and the quality of life for the relocating parent;
  • The child’s relationships with all the people in their life, including both parents, siblings, half-siblings, and others;
  • If the proposed move is in good faith or possibly a reaction to the other parent not having fulfilled their child support or other financial obligations;
  • Any other factor that a Judge deems relevant when determining the child’s best interests.

When a court determines a move would be in a child’s best interests, the objecting parent needs to present evidence showing why it is not. Working with an experienced relocation attorney in Pembroke Pines gives parents the best chance of protecting their parental rights.

Meet With a Pembroke Pines Relocation Attorney Today

Disputes over child custody arrangements often become emotional. Naturally, both parents want to remain involved in their children’s lives. It is hard to remain objective when thinking about your child moving far away.

Depending on your particular custody situation, a dedicated attorney can guide you through the legal process of pursuing or opposing a relocation. Meet with a Pembroke Pines relocation lawyer from The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm to listen to their knowledgeable advice. Call our office today and get started with a free case evaluation.