When people get engaged, they tend to immediately start planning for their wedding, looking at venues, outfits, and invitations. They do not often take the time to look far into the future, including what might happen if they eventually decide to separate. However, planning ahead is often a smart idea. Putting your wishes in writing gives both parties a clear understanding of each side’s assets and liabilities.

If you are considering entering a marital agreement, you should consult with a Pembroke Pines prenuptial agreement lawyer to ensure your interests are fully protected and represented.

Reasons for Entering into a Prenuptial Agreement

When people think of prenuptial agreements, they often think of wealthy couples who are looking to preserve their wealth. However, anyone can benefit from this type of contract, no matter the reason.

Protect Individual Assets

Many people tend to wait longer to get married, so they might have built up their fair share of assets. A prenup could help both parties protect their own money and property. In addition, some people acquire substantial debts due to educational and other loans. A prenup could make sure the spouse with the loans stays responsible for their own debts.

Clear Up Confusion

A prenuptial agreement clears up potential conflict and confusion. It can clearly outline what will happen in the event the parties later decide to separate or divorce, or if one party dies. The agreement would allow the couples’ joint assets and property to be distributed according to their precise wishes and they can also specify if there will be alimony payments. There will be less uncertainty in the future if there is a prenup.

Protect Children

If one or both spouses have children from a prior relationship or marriage, a prenuptial agreement can help protect them. With a prenup in place, the children will receive exactly what their parent wanted them to receive. The parent could structure the agreement so the children will get certain property or assets in the event of the parent’s death, instead of the assets going directly to the surviving new spouse.

A Pembroke Pines attorney understands there are many reasons for entering into a prenuptial agreement. They can offer their guidance and explain what to include in the contract so no one is surprised in the event of a divorce.

Are Prenups Ever Invalidated?

A Judge could invalidate a prenuptial agreement if they find evidence that one of the parties was not honest. That could happen if they did not fully disclose all their assets or debts, like hiding assets or falsified financial information. A Judge could also invalidate an agreement if there is clear evidence that one party signed it under duress.

A Pembroke Pines attorney can draft a fair prenup and follow the correct procedures to ensure it is valid.

Work with a Pembroke Pines Prenuptial Agreements Attorney Today

Although some people might hesitate to consider a prenuptial agreement because it seems so negative, deciding to enter a contract before marriage can actually strengthen the relationship. A prenup requires you to talk about important financial issues before the marriage so you and your spouse can learn how the other feels and where they stand.

When you are considering a prenup, call for a free case evaluation with a Pembroke Pines prenuptial agreements lawyer. The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm can help protect your interests.