Our Team

Nicole Valentini Wolosker

Marketing Specialist

Nicole was born in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Miami with her family as a child. Following high school at University School of NSU in Ft. Lauderdale, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies (cum laude) with minors in Management and French from Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland.

Professionally, Nicole has experience with multiple sects of marketing, including social media, brand strategy, crm/email, content creation, and digital-app management, and has worked for start-ups and large companies across several industries, including education, ecommerce, and travel. A true story-teller at heart, Nicole dedicates herself to helping companies understand brand, placement, and mission in order to help them grow and create and maintain relationships with clients.

Nicole is natively fluent in English and Portuguese and professionally fluent French, Italian, and Spanish. In her spare time, Nicole maintains a passion for entertainment (books, movies, television) and tends to never be more than a few weeks away from her next plane ride.

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