Our Team

Zenah Khair

Marketing Director

Zenah Khair’s true work blossoms through her creative talents through social media strategizing for brands and businesses. Palestinian-American, Zenah, graduated with a Degree in Business Marketing from Florida Atlantic University, and has since ventured off into the world of creative thinking. Her past work through pageantry, charity, and working alongside big creatives, led her desires to helping individuals grow their platforms on social media and intern allowing them to scale to greater heights they never thought were possible. Zenah is dedicated to guiding, goal strategizing, and growing businesses and brands through the ultimate power of social media.

Zenah is natively fluent in English and Arabic. In her spare time, Zenah maintains a passion for fitness, reading and advancing her knowledge in growth hacks, and tends to never be more than a few weeks away from her next plane ride.

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